But What About Socialization???

When we experimented with homeschooling our kids, the biggest protest from those who didn’t understand the need or desire was “What about socialization???”

Saw this over on BGG:  Do you never miss the social aspect in solo gaming?

One thing in this hobby i really Like is the social aspect of gaming. I really miss that thing when i solo.

Do you ever miss the social aspect when you play solo?

Not really, no. While I enjoy playing some games with family from time to time, solo gaming is just a different beast entirely. They aren’t really a comparable experience. Some like one or the other. Some of us like both.

Some of the Highlights…

  1. I can play WHAT I want. No “ok, you get to choose that dull game” or “no, I cannot play that game for personal reasons but seriously, I’ll just take a break, you go on without me.” to deal with.
  2. I can play WHEN I want. Late at night. Early in the morning. Whenever. if I need to stop for hours or days I’m not holding up anyone else.
  3. I’m free to QUIT/RESTART when I want. Game not going well? Game just plain bad? You’re not obligated to suffer through it. Start over. Trade it. Whatever.
  4. Cooperative and Single Player Only games are awesome. Many games now are designed for single players. Sophisticated AIs, clever puzzles, and game systems provide an experience that sometimes is better to manage and enjoy alone.
  5. I am the boss of me! Well, excluding God of course. But the point is I can be the alpha gamer and not offend anyone.

Since the start of my solo gaming resurgence I have grown a little sour on the forced solo experience, especially the me vs. me of most wargames. While some titles like Combat Commander provide such a wonderful solo experience (the cards are VERY minor issue) they provide a unique and dynamic narrative, even for the lone wolf — most become a rote activity where the only variability is the roll of the dice. I never found any satisfaction in playing both sides of a standard boardgame or eurogame (except once with This Game is Bonkers!, that was a blast!), I’m not sure why I fell prey to the idea that wargames would be any different. Not faulting anyone who DOES like playing both sides to explore the history, but without mitigating factors like chit pulls or cards limited actions, I just cannot do it anymore.

And fortunately, I don’t have to anymore. There’s so many good solo systems for wargames now as well. But I do recognize that some of those would be better against another player of course.

As for some of the cons of solo gaming though I discussed those here in 2015: Gaming is Social, Games Need Not Be – The Cons of Solitaire Gaming

So I can enjoy a frozen pizza as well as a trip to Mellow Mushroom (mushrooms in name only!!!). Two different experiences.


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