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Picked up a copy of Marvel Champions: The Card Game recently and so far, the hype is spot on. Easy to setup, learn and plays pretty fast. With enough meaningful decisions and (fortunately) minimal pre-game deck construction headaches.

The box comes with an actually pretty decent plastic tray for holding the cards and a couple of wells for holding the counters, but I wanted them to be sorted from box to table. At first I tried the (actually very nice) small Dollar Tree Plano-esque box and it held the counters perfectly. But then it would not fit back in the box with the cards, etc…

Checked on Thingiverse and found this well designed tray system (Marvel Champions Token Holder by Dankaren). Print three of them and they stack inside one of the wells, leaving the second for the first player marker and status cards. Holds each type of counter with spaces for the different values.

Each print on my Ender-3 Pro took just over two hours at .32mm layer height and 10% infill. I printed with the bottom of the container flat on the print surface and used supports to insure the notch at the bottom and the curve of the box printed correctly.

The only thing missing is a lid to cover the top layer so if the box is turned sideways on the shelf, nothing spills out. I’ll probably create one with some grooves for using rubber bands to hold the stack together neatly. Will post when and if I do.

Not a bad system. If you like it, be sure to comment on Thingiverse and show the designer (who is not me) some love…

Author: klkitchens

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