Social Distancing is NOT House Arrest

Have seen on social media where some folks are ridiculously getting mad when they see others out riding bikes, walking, or getting other exercise…

Social Distancing is NOT staying at home. Social Distancing is keeping a safe (6′ or more) distance from other people It’s why we can still go to stores and get supplies, etc.

Staying at home as much as you can is a good thing. However, staying out of crowds is more important. It’s perfectly safe to go outside and play, hike, explore, fish, run, bike, etc… Our houses are NOT hermetically sealed anyway. If being outside were an issue, then being outside of anything but a plastic bubble would be an issue too.

I did this math many years ago and confirmed it today to make sure I was not wrong.

The state of Texas is 268,597 mi² in area.
That translates to (big number here): 7,488,054,600,000 square feet.

The current world population is right now about 7.8 BILLION people. If you took all those people and put them into 4-person groups (like say a family), that would be 1,950,000,000 (1.95 billion groups).

If you could put ALLLLLLL the people in the world into the state of Texas, then each group would have 3,840 square feet of living space (wayyyy more than the average house). Each person would have 960 square feet of living space. More than most 1-bedroom apartments.

We’d never want to be that crowded into a single space of course, but the point is… THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM OUTDOORS to get fresh air, sunshine, and keep your mind and body fit.

There is no need to go insane cooped up indoors. That’s not what social distancing is meant to do.

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