Civilization: A New Dawn Updated AI Cards

The current AI cards from Fantasy Flight Games are laid out oddly on one page per card. Some members of BGG have converted them to fit more per page and either fold or print the card backs. However, these require printing each half separately. No option is made for printing on the front and back of the same sheet. As I was working up making sets of fronts and backs, I realized how unnecessary the backs of the cards were in this case. No shuffling required and the level numbers are on fronts of the cards as well. So for convenience I made these into a fronts only printout, maximizing space and minimizing paper required (3 sheets).

Likewise the cards are originally designed for bridge sized (2.25×3.5″) sleeves vs. the more common poker sized (2.5″x3.5″) sleeves. So I expanded these with margins to poker sized. If you still want them bridge sized, you can trim away the black lined areas on the right and left.

Of course I’m not a fan of the use of “Astrology” as a category, but these days it seems “Mass Media” is much more offensive.

Made them for me to use, however I hope you find these useful and easier to get printed and playing the official AI for this great game.

Download Here

EDIT: Well live and learn… the existing Focus cards are Bridge size and fit the focus boards. These still work, just slightly larger (and fit the sleeves I own), but just a heads up.

Author: klkitchens

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