Talon Modular Tray

Just cracked open the 2nd printing of Talon by GMT Games (unboxing forthcoming) in preparation for some solo play with Talon 1000 (unboxing forthcoming). There aren’t many counters/markers for this game. Certainly not enough to warrant a full GMT tray for sorting them. So, I would create one of my modular trays for this purpose.

The first step was to punch them and sort them (might round them later with the Oregon Laminations 2.5mm Deluxe — the only tool for the job!) to determine how large a tray this one might need. In this case, the counters would fit easily in 10 wells (with dividers), so a two-module tray would be required.

My modular tray system is available on Etsy.

Pre-sorting the counters to determine tray size.

I also wanted a custom lid to go with the game, so using the PDF of the two-module tray lid (included with the download) I created a template in Photoshop, snagged the box art and sized to to be the size of the lid. I used a little overlap to accommodate any margin of error on the cutting, but it turned out pretty even.

The lid cut out pretty evenly.

After folding and assembling the two modules along with their five-well dividers, I was able (with the help of four 3-compartment well dividers) arrange the counters in a 1/2 size GMT-style tray ready to store in the box or use directly on the table.

All the counters nicely arranged.

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