A-WOKE-n Realms Takes a Small Step for the Small Minded, A Giant Leap Backward for Sanity

Earlier today Awaken Realms posted a final update for the last 24 hours of their Kickstarter Project “ISS Vanguard”. While I’m personally on the fence about the game myself (in minimum back, wait and see mode), the game has generated a lot of buzz for it’s abstract narrative driven space exploration theme.

Sadly today, AR generated a lot of negative buzz for their decision to cave into the “woke” #CancelCulture crowd who have imagined some offense of entrepreneur Elon Musk. AR was set to honor Mr. Musk with a character card in the upcoming game, yet when ne’er-do-well whiners decided to complain about it, AR caved and removed the card from consideration.


Fortunately, I was able to secure the card image from my browser cache and include it here if you perhaps want to fabricate your own when the game eventually arrives.

That is if you’re still willing to give AR your money after they showed their lack of intellect.

Author: klkitchens

8 thoughts on “A-WOKE-n Realms Takes a Small Step for the Small Minded, A Giant Leap Backward for Sanity

  1. Thanks for this. I myself am getting really insulted by the wokers, and they hurt my feelings. Will they cancel themselves now? Please?

  2. Lack of intelect? They are simply listening to their backers.
    It is a game created by the users! I am really supporting them whatever they dedice!

    1. They are listening to a small minority of backers. More backers expressed disappointment at their poor decision. They aren’t listening to those backers are they?

    2. No, they are reacting to the loudest cry babies in the room. If you don’t agree with the woke mob then you are a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. These publishers are simply trying to make a game and make a profit then these morons come in looking to cut their market to ribbons. They start losing money as soon as the accusation is hurled and at that point it is only a matter of how much they will loose. Look at what Ms. Elizabeth Hargraves (Wingspan creator) did with her profoundly unprofessional hit piece arguing about representation on BGG about representation in Tiny Epic Dungeons when their KS launched. You still have morons looking to punish the publisher on BGG because they haven’t cancelled pledges from people who don’t agree with the woke crowd on the KS comments so the comments can be removed.

      No, these publishers are trying to do damage control and the woke mob is competing for Olympics of Oppression medals.

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