Maquis 2nd Edition Kickstarter

One of the first board games I ever reviewed was the print and play version of Maquis by designer Jake Staines. It was a fun little WW2-themed action selection game. I played it on Vassal (my PnP skills were not honed yet) and found it to be quite good. I have the app on my iPad, but again, and it’s well done… but something about cardboard and the tactile sensation of moving pieces and playing cards just “feels” right.

A couple of years ago, Side Room Games launched a Kickstarter for a fully developed, boxed version of the game. I immediately backed it as it was very well priced. Then it arrived and sat on the shelf of shame with so many other titles. A pay it forward opportunity came along and I moved it on to someone more likely to get around to it. To my lament. I tried a couple of times to get a copy in trade, but it never happened.

So today, great news! A Kickstarter just launched for the 2nd printing of Maquis. With some error corrections and new content. The full game is just $29 + shipping, so it’s not a “break the bank” proposition. Likewise, the campaign only seeks a modest $6,000 to fund and as of this posting, it’s well over 5x that amount.

So if you’re interested, pop over to the Kickstarter page and take a look. It’s slated to ship in November of this year and as a reprint, barring shipping issues, that seems a reasonable target. If you already own the previous printed version, you can opt to receive just the new content for $5.

The campaign will end on February 25 2021 at 7:00 PM EST.

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