Heroes of Normandie Going Solo!

In the current Kickstarter Campaign from Devil Pig Games for “Heroes of Normandie : Big Red One Edition” (link) a new stretch goal has been added at the 100,000€ / $119,000 mark: Solo mode!

The solo system is a 40€ / $48 add-on option, but is promised to work with the entire Heroes of Normandie product line. I invested a great deal in the original HoN, playing solo with a modified chit pull system (which worked great! — Heroes of Normandie Chit Pull Solo Method), but eventually moved it out of my collection. Now it might be time to revisit the series and add this expansion.

As of this post, the KS has funded and stands at $91,000+. So just $28K more and the solo mode will become an available add-on. You can pledge a minimal amount and still be in the pledge manager if you like, in order to review the development of the solo mode before making a large financial commitment. Many companies promise a solo mode and then never delivery or it’s lackluster.

Let’s hope Devil Pig Games does this one right!

Author: klkitchens

7 thoughts on “Heroes of Normandie Going Solo!

  1. Hi!
    Is your modified chit pull system available? I’m very interested in this game, and I would love to know different aproaches to soloplay it.

    Great page!

    1. I will see if I can find it on my system (all my BGG content is kaput of course). Look for a new post hopefully soon. If not, I’ll reply again here. 🙂

      1. Hi Kevin, why is all your BGG content kaput? (of course)?
        Just interested to know – mainly because I was trying to find your compact reputation & experience tracker for Star Trek Frontiers – but the link to BGG doesn’t work anymore 🙂


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