MERCS Recon Standees and Final (?) Rule Set

These were originally posted on BoardGameGulag many years ago, but resharing here for those that still want them. Please do NOT repost these directly on BGG or anywhere else. Feel free to share the link to this post wherever you like of course.

Standees (Full Set) for MERCS Recon.
This upgrade not only replaces the miniatures that came with the game, but includes all the characters in case you didn’t get the miniatures. Usable for the MERCS Recon board game and the tabletop miniatures game (with appropriate round bases). As noted on the sheets, print on 110# cardstock or my new favorite “Matte” photo paper. Score and then cut and fold the units you need. Each faction is on its own page (with an extra SecFor of each level as well to avoid waste. You only need one of each special employee and unique character, but may want to print extras of regular workers and the SecFor sheets to your liking. DOWNLOAD STANDEE SET

Final Rule Set
The last rule set MCG released was five years ago April 4, 2016, but since their site went down, my DropBox link was the only location on BGG until a few weeks ago. Now you can get it from here if you need it. DOWNLOAD RULES

Of course as the MERCS IP has been bought out by Fifth Angel Studios as of November, 2020, who knows what’s in store for this wonderful mismanaged title?

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