CC:E Blaze, Smoke, and Rubble Overlay Tiles

Playing a large scenario with CC:E (meaning lots of counters, the maps are standard size always!), it can get a little confusing to keep track of where the special terrain and hindrances are located and take them into consideration. Since smoke and fire always take up the entire hex (as does the rubble marker from the Stalingrad expansion), I had always wanted larger overlay tiles to make this more apparent.

So I made some.

And you can download them for free.

I did leave one edge free to allow the hex ID to still be visible, but I think they still give the semblance of filling the whole hex per the rules.

I printed these on my favorite inkjet labels (sadly currently out of stock at Amazon, but shop around!) and then stuck them to some mat board and trimmed them out with a utility knife and scissors. In practice they work great and help to visualize the blocked LOS a little more clearly.

There are 32 of each type per sheet. Enjoy!

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