Fire in the Lake – Solo Sequence of Play Sideboard

When playing Fire in the Lake by GMT Games, the board can be a bit large in portrait mode, so it works better to turn it sideways. But this can put the sequence of play section not only farther away from the player, but also oriented the wrong direction.

If this doesn’t bother you, that’s great. But if it does, I created (years ago) this small board for bringing the sequence of play closer to the player. This was originally posted on Board Game Gulag but things being what they are over there, it’s no longer over there.

Print at 100%, mount to mat board or foamcore with glue or as a sticker, then cut out. Coat with a layer of Mod Podge or spray clear coat to protect and you’re good to go!

Free download here.

Author: klkitchens

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