Warfighter Enemy Sleds & Location Sleds

Back in the olden days of 2017, I was exploring Warfighter WW2 by Dan Verssen Games (DVG). The game uses a lot of cards and the game board, by necessity, is just too small to accommodate them all. So I came up with an idea to keep the cards vertical instead of flat on the board and still allow the necessary tokens for each card to “ride” along with them.

I designed these easy to make cut-and-fold “enemy sleds” which would not only hold an enemy card vertically, but also had a tray for their markers (target soldier, KIA, Suppression, etc…) as well as being resistant to toppling over when you breathed too close (or had a ceiling fan running).


As 3D printing was getting more and more commonplace, Bruce Chandler (aka “TheJoat” on Thingiverse) designed and released a 3d model based on my original.

Enemy Sled 3D by TheJoat on Thingiverse

Flash to 2021 (soon 2022) and the Warfighter series is still going strong. Therefore as part of my ongoing goalto restore my contributions to the gaming community (after they were lost in the Board Game Gulag Purges of 2021), I am uploading my original papercraft designs here to the blog. These are free of charge and you can quickly make up all you need.

Print the pattern file on 60# (craft store) or 110# (office supply) cardstock, cut them out and glue them together as shown in the instructions (included as a separate PDF). In addition there is a background pattern you can print on one side of the cardstock, then reversing before printing the sled pattern to give it a little more visual interest. Likewise a link is provided to the thingiverse 3d pattern. You can order these relatively inexpensively from treatstock.com. I found 16 of them to be about $28 shipped. You may want more, you may want less and prices will vary based on the closest provider to you.

Template: https://onesuponagame.com/files/Warfighter%20Enemy%20Sleds%20by%20Ones%20Upon%20A%20Game.pdf
Instructions: https://onesuponagame.com/files/Warfighter%20Enemy%20Sleds%20-%20Assembly.pdf
Background (optional): https://onesuponagame.com/files/Warfighter%20Enemy%20Sleds%20-%20Optional%20Color%20Back.pdf

Thingiverse File: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2615295

Finally, some of you may find my Location Sleds of value as well. The original Warfighter (modern) had a strangely laid out serpentine location board. These sleds made it much easier to setup and only have the locations in front of you that were currently “in play”. You could arrange them in any pattern that made sense to your mission and your table space. There are 15 “sleds” in this set, more than enough for most missions and each can hold up to 5 enemies (flat).

Location Sled

Basically you lay out the sled for Mission Start and the one for the objective (say # 6). Then when you need the second location, you can lay out sheet #2, then #3, etc… When the mission location is no longer “in play” (no soldiers, enemies, or anything pertinent to the current activity), you can shift it off the side. if #2 fades from view, stack it on the mission one, etc… So you never have before you any location sheets that aren’t necessary, thus freeing up table space. If the action starts moving backward, you can return the previous sheets from the stack.

Print these on cardstock or paper and laminate or mount to mat board or foam core.

Location Sleds: https://onesuponagame.com/files/Warfighter%20Location%20Sleds%20v1.1%20by%20ones%20upon%20a%20game.pdf

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