Spent Check Counters for Conflict of Heroes

NOTE: Came across another file lost in the BoardGameGulag Stalinesque purges and was surprised I’d not already linked to it here. Feel free to link directly to this post or to the file itself, but do not upload to other sites (especially BGG) without permission.

When the solo expansion first came out for Academy Games’ “Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear”, the single best innovation in that game for all players (not just solo) was the spent check system. This replaced the 7 action points, single unit at a time activation method that was the game’s standard. While others used a random AP determination approach as well as letting various units spend down their pool intermixed with other units, the spent check system was an elegant and excellent method of keeping the game flowing while giving players more freedom.

Unfortunately those who didn’t want to play solo (or at the time in 2016 couldn’t secure a copy) were missing out. Those of us who did have it were able to apply the spent check brilliance to two player games as well as simply playing the game vs. yourself. So to that end I put together these spent-check counters (with Academy’s blessing) for other gamers to use outside of the Solo Expansion. Full rules for using them are included as well as instructions for making them.

A card based version is also included. Hope you find them of benefit!

Download Counters Here

Download Card Version Here

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