Dune Imperium – Solo First Play

Complete my first solo play of Dune Imperium, based on the hit movie, based on the hit book (series). While never really a fan of the IP, the game received such great reviews for solo play, that I picked up a copy last December before relocating and only got it to the table in the last few days.

One of my cards was apparently damaged in production, so I had to play without it (was clearly marked/torn). Thanks to Dire Wolf however, a replacement card in en route.

I chose to keep things simple, playing the Novice mode using Paul Atreides vs. The Beast and Earl Thorvald. The AI runs very smooth, turns are quite fast, though I do wish the solo instruction sheet were a little more clear (or at least updated with an official FAQ). The game includes solo cards to run the AI (you play against two) but can also run an opponent in two player games. The rules using the bot in two player games is slightly different, but the rules for the cards are combined together, with then exceptions noted for the two types of games.

There is a digital app available that will run the bot for you too.

I was victorious in my first game… 10-9-8 (corrected from image)… which is always a little concerning (I don’t think I’m THAT good). But it was in easy mode so will try again to make sure it wasn’t just errors on my part. I think I did make some mistakes, but in the AIs favor. I’m sure I was either doing something wrong or the Novice mode is just too novice as an introduction. I did manage to have a great last hand to give me bonus points for combat which I won for the last two victory points.

All that said, the game is fun. Not too brainy, but just enough though required to find those card combos (it is a deck builder of course). I love how cards can be played for worker placement OR for acquiring other cards and provide benefits based on how they are used. It provides yet another layer of strategy.

I’ll attempt again at either a tougher opponent or AI level and see how that goes. Good thing is that resetting to play again is a very quick process.

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