Ticket to Ride Train Boxes

Been having a few more co-dependent (aka multiplayer) game nights of late, and introduced my friends to Ticket to Ride. We’ve had a great time, but I always found fishing the trains from the built in organizer and then putting into a separate bowl (or gasp! in a pile on the table) to be a nuisance. So I used my existing Game Component Storage Boxes ($3.99 for the pattern on Etsy) to create individual containers for each color. The bonus here is that I can now remove the insert and fit the 1910 Expansion (bigger cards, more cards!) right into the box. Win!

You can easily take the pattern PDF and print on colored cardstock for each player color. Or make labels and stick to each box. But the other option, if you’re good with Photoshop or other image editing software, is to load the PDF and then decorate the box area before you print it out, cut, and fold as I did here.

Author: klkitchens

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