ISS Vanguard Crew Standees

As readers know, I’ve long recognized the fact that miniatures in games these days are nothing more than glorified pawns. By this I mean while they are beautifully sculpted and detailed — more so when painted, less so when people stick grass, sand, and debris all over the base — they don’t really serve the function of a miniature as it relates to the game. Awaken Realms took a wise course of action (with regard to miniatures) for their ISS Vanguard space exploration epic. For each of the titular ship’s four sections, they simply included two models (one for each gender) each in various poses and armors so that the player’s pawns on the exploration book have a little more life than a meeple or cube would (although the purpose would be the same of course). Any enemies you might face were included as cardboard standees (without a miniature addon pack).

I’m sure it would have been tempting to sculpt 90 different miniatures for the game’s recruit roster, but that would have driven the price to the stars (as too many crowdfunded games do these days).

So on that score, well done Awaken Realms.

However, as ISS Vanguard features an RPG like campaign with crew growth, progression, character depth and death, it did seem to me that just looking at a generic “statue” that in this mission was Bubba and in the next mission was Bertha wouldn’t endear me to the fates of my crew. So to this end, as I’ve done with Gears of War, MERCS, Batman Gotham City Chronicles, and others, I’ve created a set of standees that players can download for free to print, cut, and fold and use in their games.

For stands themselves, you can use normal standee holders like these and then color code them with paint or sharpie for each section. Many years ago I designed 3d printed standee holders that I’ve just released on thingiverse. The 30mm model is a perfect fit for the base bands that come with the game and define each crew member’s section. These are very reasonable to have printed at Simply upload the model, select the number and color(s) you want and pick the location closest to you and the cheapest price. A set of 4 of these can be had easily for under $10 — and you can probably actually get more than that for about the same price as the flat overhead fees don’t increase. I am using white ones with the color bands, but you could order some in each section color. Like dice, bags, and card shoes, I keep many of these in my game table supplies to use for various games as I need them.

So to make these crew members, simply download the standees here. Print the 9 pages at 100% size in color on 80-110# bright cardstock. Score them along the red line before cutting them apart. Then fold and preferably glue them together to create each recruit. The inner flap is indicated and gives a little extra sturdiness to the standee.

Apologies that these don’t include the diacritical marks on character names. The font I found that emulates the ISS Vanguard font did not include them unfortunately. However, you can always mark them up after printing with a fine tip marker.

That’s it really! These are thin enough that you can tuck them into the crew sleeve when “resting” if you like, then pull them out when ready to explore!

Be sure to comment below if you find these of value. As always do not share this file anywhere else, but you’re welcome to direct folks to this site to get them.

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