Batman Gotham City Chronicles Solo/Coop Rulebook PDF

If you’re like me, you like to read rulebooks on your (bat)tablet or (bat)computer — not necessarily holding the physical book. Plus searching for a rule is much easier in a digital format. Monolith just released/shipped the solo/coop expansion for Batman Gotham City Chronicles, but unlike all the other rulebooks, they did not release this as a PDF copy. Probably because the Mission Detail Sheets are also in the book.

Perhaps they intend to release it soon (hope so), but until then, I busted the spine on my copy and scanned it — but only the rules — not the mission sheets to respect their copyright.

Hopefully they are understanding of this and if they email me asking to take it down, I certainly will. But until then…

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (13mb) (as always do not share this direct link to the download on social media — share a link to this post only in case the file needs to be updated. Thanks!)

Author: klkitchens

2 thoughts on “Batman Gotham City Chronicles Solo/Coop Rulebook PDF

  1. Where did you get a copy of the rules? I never purchased this game, but now that there are solo/coop rules, I will.

    1. They were an add-on for the now-shipping Season 3 kickstarter. They are an upgrade to the solo rules created (and improved) by a Jason Keeping (JK777) on Board Game Gulag (BGG) years ago.

      Not sure you can order now, you may need to pick up from either a French speaking person (who can transfer their English copy) or someone’s S3 pledge. You might need to wait for S4 though — not sure this will come to retail or not.

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