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about the aggregators

The ones upon a game aggregator tool combines all the entries of various monthly “Games on Your Table” Geeklists from BGG into a single, searchable source for information.

Using the XML API interface of BoardGameGeek, the data is refreshed regularly to keep the site up to date.

When you’re looking for information about a game, these lists are  a great place to start, but getting to that data for previous months can be a bit of a hassle. In many cases, the lists are sorted at the end of the month alphabetically, which eases the process. However some prefer the organic view of how the list evolved over the month. Since BGG does not presently allow the user to decide how they will see the contents of a given list, this tool will aid in that process.

Within a specific aggregator, you’ll be able to search for a game by title and see all the entries created for it. These will be provided as links back to the actual entry on BGG, to view with proper images and formatting. However, statistics and more are made available here.