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Solo Setup using new, smaller board

Underwater Cities – Solo Board

1 Somehow I missed Underwater Cities when it first was released, but heard many good things about it and managed to pick up a copy in trade. I finally got around to setting it up to learn the rules and realized that for the solo player there was some room for improvement. While the spaces around the board are great when you have multiple players around the table who all can see something from their side. However, for the solo player, this spreading out of information can make things a little difficult. So as I’ve done with other games, I [..]

Organization Procrastination

One thing I like to do to get familiar with a game is to organize the components. This is a gamble that sometimes fails if the game turns out to be a dud. But on my third ownership of Fields of Fire by GMT Games, I’m finally going to get it played. Maybe. So I picked up this first edition copy with the second edition upgrade kit and once I sifted out the now obsolete first edition stuff, I was left with a second edition makeover ready for punching. And organizing. Using my Modular tray design, I created custom sized [..]

Blinging the Fallout… Tryin’ to Get the Game Out

Was and am not a hater of the other board game based on the Fallout IP, but when I saw the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare published by Modiphius Entertainment included solo AI rules, my interest was piqued and I placed my order. Finally cracked it open yesterday the first thing I noticed was there are LOTS OF LITTLE COUNTERS. Wow… Tiny little things that make 1/2″ wargame counters seem a blessing (and I hate 1/2″ wargame counters!). After punching (and peeling them as they sadly weren’t cleanly punched), I organized them into little piles to determine how best to organize [..]

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down…

Of course, you can’t keep a good woman down either, but since I’m not a woman, using “or woman” or “person” would have been needlessly cumbersome… Absence of MaliceRecently had an unplanned “break” from BGG thanks to the Secret Police once again not liking officially unapproved and unauthorized opinions being expressed (even when done so in polite but confident discussion). This is an area that needs to be addressed as I daresay in most cases the offender doesn’t realize they’ve touched a hidden third rail and just get suspended while the so-called “offensive” comment is left on the site. It’s [..]

16 Pounds and Whaddya Get? A Bunch of Chips, A Bunch of Dice and All of ‘Em Fit!

Way back in November, I built my custom insert for Too Many Bones and in anticipation of the release of Too Many Bones: Undertow, hoped that it would all fit in the single box… (original post: Make Room for Undertow!) And it did! In this quick video tour of the box, I’ll show how it all fits nicely and with a couple of unexpected surprises thanks to Chip Theory Games. Of course, it’s a big heavy box, over 15 pounds of goodness in there. Fortunately they built the box itself pretty strong. So no doubt it’s up to the challenge. [..]

We’ve Got to Have Some Storage on the New Frontier

Been too long since I played the excellent Star Trek: Frontiers and not at all since acquiring the Star Trek: Frontiers – The Return of Khan expansion. Read my Review of Star Trek: Frontiers But as I was getting it all set up and incorporating the Khan expansion updates and upgrades, I realized better organization was in order. It’s also been too long since I had #FunWithFoamCore, so set off to building a replacement insert. While the plastic trays are nice enough, you cannot combine the components and as usual, they take up more space than necessary. Would love to [..]

Make Room for Undertow!

With the Kickstarter for Too Many Bones: Undertow well funded and well into the stretch goal pool, it was time to become serious about storage space for my existing Too Many Bones and expansions. As you may have seen, I’ve already solved the space issue with each Gearloc’s dice set (Too Many Bones. Too Little Space.) — now for sale on the BGG Marketplace! (shameless plug). But I also wanted to find a way to not only store the TMB materials, but fit the Undertow components as well. To that end I decided to (gasp!) chunk the trays designed by [..]

Too Many Bones. Too Little Space.

Gearloc Box Template: HERE First off let me be clear, the packaging of Too Many Bones is pretty darn good. Chip Theory Games has produced a perfect blend of function and storage that should be the role model to all game publishers (well, maybe not Academy Games, Inc., they do a great job too). Each Gearloc (the characters in the game), comes with a tray to hold their 21 dice. The clear plastic trays not only store the dice in the box, but they go straight to the table to keep the dice organized before players add them to the [..]

Shoe Enough, You Might Find These Handy

One thing about playing games with stacks and stacks of cards is that you have stacks and stacks of cards. With sleeves, even if they aren’t too tall, they like to slide around and quickly make a mess. I’ve been meaning to share these for awhile. But I’ve been too lazy busy to create the file, the video, and this post to share them. So now I have. I’m talking about these quick card shoes, each made from a single sheet of 110# card stock. These are really nothing spectacular, except they are cheap, easy to make, and I quite [..]

A Cardstock Dice Tower?

I’ve wanted a dice tower ever since I learned what they were and that they were not actually named after a popular gaming website/podcast/YouTube channel. But I could never bring myself to buy one or remember to tack a knockdown cheapie onto another order. I’ve toyed with ways of just designing and making my own, understanding the general principles. Then I thought… why not make one out of cardstock! I’d originally envisioned a smaller handheld device about the size of a dice cup, so you’d hold in one hand and drop the dice through it… then this thing developed from [..]

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