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Rallyman GT – unboxing

“We‘re gonna zoom zoom zooma zoom.Come on and zooma zooma zooma zoom!” Zoom zoom around the race track and peek inside this newly released new vision of the Rallyman series, “Rallyman GT” by Holy Grail Games. Ooh… shoulda gone Caribbean! “Hey Mr. Rallyman, Rally me to finish!Gear box shift and me want race home.” Maybe not. Game Information: Page: Buy It On Amazon:

Silent Victory – unboxing

Sail sail sail your boatSilently underseaSee the enemySink their shipOn to victory! Join me as I raise periscope and check out what comes inside the Second Printing of “Silent Victory” the solo-designed US sub warfare game from GMT Games and Consim Press. Game Information: Page: Buy It On Amazon:

Combat Commander: Battle Pack 4 – New Guinea – unboxing

What’s the difference between Old Guinea and New Guinea? One’s old and one’s new. And this is the new printing of the good old New Guinea expansion for “Combat Commander: Pacific” aka “Battle Pack #4” (but the only battle pack for CCP) from GMT Games. What’s in the bag? Watch and find out. Game Information: Page: Buy It On Amazon:

Combat Commander: Pacific – unboxing

Time to pacify those who specifically think Combat Commander (the greatest wargame system ever, bar none) is for Europe only. Join me hacking through the jungle of shrinkwrap to explore the contents of this second printing of “Combat Commander: Pacific” by GMT Games. Game Information: Page: Buy It On Amazon:

The Warp Less Travelled

Growing up as a teenager in the 80s, during the heyday of D&D, it was hard not be attracted to the RPG genre. However, I knew early on that fantasy theme with all it’s magic “baggage” was not where my interest lay. Fortunately for me, Mark Miller had created the Traveller series and I of course had a copy of the black book (and later the box set of paperbacks). While I never actually got to play the game, I spent hours reading the rules, rolling up characters and hoping for an opportunity to someday be a Traveller among the [..]

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