I’m pleased to announce that the Flat-D Terrain system has now officially been released to the gaming community.

This innovative system consists of two main elements: a toolbox of 21 styles of 3D-printed clips and printable terrain pieces that you cut, paste, and fold. Combined these allow gamers a virtually unlimited set of “Flat-D” modular terrain that is versatile, reusable, and importantly: easy to store as it all comes apart and can be packed away in very little space.

You can learn more about the Flat-D system in this introductory video.

Like Leg…er… interlocking toy building blocks… the Flat-D clips and cardstock terrain pieces can be assembled in countless shapes and styles to create the terrain for the game currently on your table.

The Flat-D Clips Lineup

I have decided to release the license to print the clip models to the gaming community via “Pay What You Want” on Drive-Thru-RPG. This starter kit also includes a sampling of various terrain pieces to get you going, but also provide inspiration to the many (and far better than me!) print and play terrain designers out there who would like to create or adapt their designs to use the Flat-D system.

Designers: No royalties are due should you choose to make terrain that utilizes the Flat-D clips. You may use the Flat-D logo on your products with the only condition be that you link to flatdterrain.com in the description wherever you sell your designs.

Of course, not everyone has access to a 3D printer, so I strongly recommend treatstock.com to find a reasonably priced printer near you. Printing the clips that you will need is pretty affordable as they do not take much time or material to print. And of course they are reusable, so you don’t need too many. Just choose the models from the Starter Kit you want printed, upload to treatstock and select the colors and quantity you want. You’ll get an instant quote and can place your order.

Makers: You are allowed to sell sets of printed Flat-D clips via various maker pipelines (Etsy, etc…) provided you do not modify the designs or distribute the models. You must also link to flatdterrain.com in your listings.

Finally the clip designs are only available via this site and Drive-Thru-RPG. They may not be uploaded to any other sites for distribution. Designers are of course free to upload their terrain designs wherever they see fit per the requirements stated above.

Additionally, I’ve released three other terrain modules for sale on Drive-Thru-RPG. These range from $1.99-$2.99 per set and are available immediately. They are:

Flat-D Terrain – Two Story Building – This pattern contains a two story city building, reversible for red brick and grey stone along with base and roof options.

Flat-D Terrain – “Jack’s Garage” – (coming 5/3/2023) – A thematic 6″x4″ garage with base and roof options.

Flat-D Terrain – Storage Containers – A set of nine cargo containers in five colors.

I have many other designs planned and will release more in the very near future. But my hope is that my efforts will be overshadowed by the many creative designers already producing some excellent printable terrain!

Thanks for checking out the Flat-D Terrain System.

If you have more questions, you can email me here or join the ones upon a game Discord Server

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