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COVID-19 3D Print it Forward

Folks in the USA and all around the world are suddenly finding themselves with a lot of extra time at home due to limited working and shelter in place orders. Many sewing experts (my wife included) have taken to making basic cloth facemasks to help as one line of defense. Great work! My company is still operating (we’re a small group anyway) and I’m working remotely, but a 3D printer requires very little interaction once it’s begun its work. It’s been hard to find a solid organized project to use this tool for more than just novelties and gaming and [..]

Social Distancing is NOT House Arrest

Have seen on social media where some folks are ridiculously getting mad when they see others out riding bikes, walking, or getting other exercise… Social Distancing is NOT staying at home. Social Distancing is keeping a safe (6′ or more) distance from other people It’s why we can still go to stores and get supplies, etc. Staying at home as much as you can is a good thing. However, staying out of crowds is more important. It’s perfectly safe to go outside and play, hike, explore, fish, run, bike, etc… Our houses are NOT hermetically sealed anyway. If being outside [..]

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