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Finding Nemo-sis

If you’re like me, and apparently many in the gaming community, the first you heard of Awaken Realms’ game Nemesis was when you saw your friends and others on BGG posting about how great it was. So like any other game, you looked for a copy for sale or trade and were completely blown away by the aftermarket markup on this hard to find title. While normally a successful Kickstarter is a means to get a game onto retail shelves, this one seemed to test the market and unexpectedly pass with flying colors. But only for the 30,000 or so [..]

Hellooooo Nemesis

Pre-Play Thoughts: For this preplay detail of Nemesis, see my blog post: Finding Nemo-sis Components: The components in the game are very nice. A lot of thought was put into the design of the game certainly. From the random hexes and their rotating item count indicator, the color rings to help identify unpainted miniatures (though a corresponding color marker for the player boards would have helped) to the clear plastic noise and fire markers. Nemesis is a very well designed game. Each player has a semi-similar action deck (some same, some custom) and the cards are clear in their design [..]

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