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I thought when Modiphius announced the release of the Five Parsecs from Home rulebook, it was a new product. Turns out I was wrong. As many of you know it’s been around for awhile. Modiphius however gained publishing rights to creator Ivan Sorenson’s design, worked with him to streamline a few things, and voila, version 2 3 was born.

Modiphius promises to soon have friendly USA shipping (though right now the from UK shipping is pretty bad – $32).

So I purchased the PDF version of the book from their website ($22) and used the service to create a lay-flat spiral bound copy for a total of $19.86 (shipped). So the total cost was $41.86 (vs. $69 for a bound color copy). The one I printed has a full color cover and the rest is black and white. I tweaked the PDF a bit in Adobe Acrobat to prep it for B&W printing and then added back in the color cover and sent it off.

It arrived today and looks great! They do an excellent job and the packing and shipping is very elegant, right down to the wax seal on the wrapping.

Rolled up my first characters and crew from the PDF last night and now ready to set off a new adventure!

To that end, while the game DOES include crew sheets, I wanted to keep each of my characters on their own card (as shown above). This will make it easier when the time comes for character to depart (or become dearly departed).

Print these on white cardstock and then cut them apart. 9 to a page. Playing card size at 2.5″x3.5″ if you want to keep them sleeved perhaps. The back will be blank white, so you have room for bio, mission log per character and more notes.

You can download that file here.
I’ve also made a job log sheet as well.

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    1. Yes, I played a quick mission and it was actually a pretty good system. Need to get back to it when I have more time.

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